Online Consultation

An online consultation helps patients to contact their GP or other health professionals over the internet. It can save you time from waiting for an appointment or going to a GP surgery. eGP can help a patient to submit a form securely to their GP Practice with all the relevant information for them to action and triage. eGP can also direct the patient to self-help information, pharmacy advice and local self-referral services.

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Video Consultation

eGP helps a GP Practice with video consultation. The video consultations can take place by downloading our app, or by a link which is sent to the patients phone.

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Remote Monitoring

eGP supports chronic care management using telemedicine and remote monitoring plan technologies. This allows you to give your patients the personalized care they need to improve their health

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Private Patient Management System

eGP can support a GP Practice or clinic with a fully developed patient management system. This provides an organisation the opportunity to offer private healthcare services to non-NHS patients.

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Online Prescriptions

After your consultation, pick up your medication from your local pharmacy

Collect your prescription and medication from the pharmacy, just as you would after a regular appointment